2017 Young Playwrights Award

InDaily, “Young playwright’s talented tales of love lost” “My work seems to deal exclusively with love, fate, queerness and identity.”

“The River plays with all of these themes—it is essentially a play about the mourning of potential, told from the perspective of an imagined romance, and a sense of what could have been.”

Flinders University News, “Talented tales of love lost” “Tales of love, hatred and jealousy are explored in an award-winning play by Flinders graduate CJ (Callum) McLean.”

The Voices Project: All Good Things, “The Voices Project: All Good Things – Australian Theatre for Young People” ‘McLean’s piece, compelling in the hands of Moreblessing Maturure, is a relentless study of gender identity and performance, a story that spirals out from a clothing store shoplift. Maturure is wilful and McLean’s words are poignant; they are a good match for each other.’
Lisa Thatcher“All Good Things – ATYP The Voices Project. (Theatre Review)” ‘…a marvellous Moreblessing Maturure in Callum Mclean’s Changing Room which agonises over the complexities of right sex in the wrong body issues that must be so much more prevalent for teens than we realise. The closing line of this monologue packs a serious punch that thrills as Mclean’s strong and provocative words are delivered by the enigmatic and always delightful to watch Maturure.’
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