Plays + Performances

Green-teeth, two-act play, 2020

The River, one-act play, 2017 (winner 2017 Young Playwrights Award, State Theatre Company South Australia)

Love & Anger, cabaret performance, 2017

Changing Room (as part of The Voices Project 2016, ATYP), monologue, 2016 (published by Currency Press)

3AM, one-act play, 2016
Bedsong, one-act play, 2016

  • Produced by the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), directed by Fraser Corfield and Jon Halpin respectively.


The Circle, 2018
Don’t F*** With Mother, 2017, winner “Best Film” 2017 Adelaide 48-Hour Film Project


“Changing Room”, monologue, 2016, PocketdocsABC Radio National
(adapted from original monologue produced by ATYP)


“A Summer of Ice”, short story, December 26th 2014, InDaily
“Interview with a Murderer”, spoken short story, 2014, CoastFM
“A Break Up”, spoken short story, 2014, CoastFM

Feature Articles

“Five Filming Locations in Adelaide’s Backyard”, June 22nd 2018, Adelaide Film Festival
“Five Things You Didn’t Know About Douglas Adams”, March 14th 2018, Hybrid World Adelaide
“Four Iconic Consoles That Make Up “The Sixth Generation””, February 28th 2018, Hybrid World Adelaide


Dina Panozzo The Gods of Strangers (STCSA), 9th November 2018, Glam Adelaide
Charles Sanders Welcome the Bright World (STCSA), 14th September 2018, Glam Adelaide
Tim Winton That Eye, The Sky (STCSA), 23rd August 2018, Glam Adelaide


The Gods of Strangers, 17th November 2018, Glam Adelaide
Faith Healer, 28th September 2018, Glam Adelaide
Welcome the Bright World, 25th September 2018, Glam Adelaide
That Eye, The Sky, 28th August 2018, Glam Adelaide
Creditors, 26th July 2018, Glam Adelaide
Patti LuPone – Don’t Monkey With Broadway, 22nd June 2018, Glam Adelaide
Sunglasses at Night: the 80s Apocalypse Sing Along Cabaret, 19th June 2018, Glam Adelaide
Sense & Sensibility9th May 2018, Glam Adelaide
Deviant Women: Madame Blavatsky, 16th March 2018, Glam Adelaide
Perfume Genius, 9th March 2018, Glam Adelaide
Memorial, 3rd March 2018, Glam Adelaide
Kitty Flanagan: Smashing, 2nd March 2018, Glam Adelaide
Grace Jones, 1st March 2018, Glam Adelaide
Intoxication, 25th February 2018, Glam Adelaide
Heathers the Musical, 25th February 2018, Glam Adelaide
Orpheus, 19th February 2018, Glam Adelaide
First Name Unknown, 16th February 2018, Glam Adelaide
Vale, 23rd November 2017, Glam Adelaide
La Vida Breve/Gianni Schicchi31st August 2017, Glam Adelaide
The Last Five Years, 28th August 2017, Glam Adelaide
Enoch Arden, 15th July 2017, Glam Adelaide
Calamity, 11th March 2016, Rip It Up
Kate Miller-Heidke, 4th March 2016, Rip It Up
Drag Queen Stole My Dress2nd March 2016, Rip It Up
Hannah Gadsby – Dogmatic, 28th February 2016, Rip It Up
Blackrock, 26th February 2016, Rip It Up
The Bunker Trilogy: Macbeth, 19th February 2016, Rip It Up
Pulpshow, 16th February 2016, Rip It Up
David Troisi Isn’t Gay, 11th February 2016, Rip It Up
Larry Dean – Out Now, 14th March 2015, Buzzcuts
The Home Front, 14th March 2015, Buzzcuts
The Sound of Nazis, 12th March 2015, Buzzcuts
The Reckoning, 10th March 2015, Buzzcuts
Zygosity, 8th March 2015, Buzzcuts (nominated for Best Piece Published in Buzzcuts, in the Express Media Awards)
Him, 26th February 2015, Buzzcuts
King in Exile, 19th February 2015, Buzzcuts
Kinski and I16th February 2015, Buzzcuts

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