REVIEW: Hannah Gadsby – Dogmatic, Adelaide Fringe 2016

Originally published in RIP IT UP

Hannah Gadsby’s 1978 World National Tour is in town. If you pray at the altar of Gad-Gad, it’s time to get down on your knees. Gadsby’s latest comedy offering sees her awkward comic style momentarily suspended, as she takes a leaf out of the book of America’s current pop princess, Taylor Swift, and tries her hand at an arena spectacular.  

Gadsby explores ideas of celebrity mixing with evangelism in this new show. She builds Dogmatic’s structure around a rock concert, going from story to story and pausing for applause as if they were songs, or making a quick dash off-stage for a costume change. It’s lively and energetic, in a way that Gadsby hasn’t been before – “No woe”, as she says, this time around. Her stories are engaging, and definitely brought the house down; the laughs did not stop for a while after the show ended. 

Dogmatic slightly fails in trying to fit Gadsby’s dry humour into a show of epic proportions. However the attempt to merge the two is refreshing, and it is good to see a seasoned comedian step out of their comfort zone whilst still keeping their brand of comedy intact.  

Dogmatic makes for a highly entertaining evening; and Gadsby is very welcome company, whether she is on stage performing to fifty thousand, or in a hole-in-the-wall comedy club. 

Rating: 3.5 stars 

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