REVIEW: Drag Queen Stole My Dress, Adelaide Fringe 2016

Originally published in RIP IT UP

Don’t let the title fool you – a drag queen may well have stolen her dress on an occasion, but that is only a small part of an expansive story that is expertly told by Gillian English. This wonderfully crafted one-woman show about sticking it out in a terrible relationship is a gem of a show. 

From the get-go, Gillian English – aforementioned “one-woman”, in partnership with The Theatre Elusive – is just so goddamn likeable. She proudly presents herself in full wedding gown glory and doesn’t stop, going for the jugular in energy and performance. There is no pretension on her part, only honesty, presented in a gut-bustingly funny package.  

It’s kind of intimidating just how effortlessly English takes to the stage; no less, how she tells her story. For huge swathes of the show she has the audience in stitches, before pulling the rug out from under you with a dry truth from her engagement hell that leaves you wondering if you should keep laughing or not.  

It is also incredibly comforting that at the end, English gives a shout out to other recommended Fringe shows. This is the first time I have seen any Fringe artist do that at all this year. This points towards what is so great about Drag Queen Stole My Dress. It’s candid, funny, and free of affectation. This show is brilliantly funny, and English is a pure delight.  

Rating: 4 stars 

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